‘Fascists get out!’ Chicago activists protest Trump presidency

Activists rallied in Downtown Chicago to protest against white supremacy and “Trumpism” on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Some marched on foot and others were in cars which circled around the block. The crowd chanted and drivers honked their horns in support of the rally.

Liz (as shown in first photo, right), 48, who preferred to go by her first name, went to the protest with her 6-year-old. “We have a lot of white privilege because of our skin color and we think we need to be here,” she said. “Things haven’t changed since this summer. Or maybe they changed. But we need to keep changing and there is not enough.” Liz’s daughter has been in many protests with her family since 2016.

Delicia Wright, 35, and Anthony Freeman, 27 (in second photo), took part in the protest’s car caravan. Their car was one of many in the parade. Wright said that she wanted to live in a world where people are judged based on their character, not their skin color.

“Regardless to who is the president and who is in the office, what I want is to be looked at as equal,” Wright said.

Blair Janis (in third photo), 29, said that she was at the protest to “take a stand against white supremacy and to do what we can help build a better future for our nation.”

Janis recalled the violent takeover of the Capitol on Jan. 6 in Washington D.C. She was shocked and disappointed, she said, but not surprised.

“How is it that we are still fighting against things like white supremacy and fascism in the stage of 2021?” Janis said.