How to pitch us

Submission Guidelines 

Redacted is a progressive magazine covering issues of importance to Chicago. We publish articles (around 500-1,000 words) and features (around 1,000-2,500 words), both of which incorporate original reporting and analysis to examine Chicago issues; Radical Ideas or op-eds (around 750 words), which are short analyses of current events such as a protest downtown or a local election; and investigations (around 2000 words or more), which require diligent on-the-ground reporting. 

Though the magazine publishes stories on various topics, social justice and progressive values are the running themes behind all of our content. Some issues we’re interested in include civil rights, labor rights, politics, gender issues, LGBT+ issues, environmental justice, housing rights, the prison-industrial complex and surveillance. Before you send us a story idea, make sure you’ve read the magazine’s mission statement. 

We want to work with writers of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity or education, and we welcome submissions from those without journalism or writing experience. We especially encourage women, people of color, and members of the LGBT+ community to pitch us. 

The Pitching Process 

If you’d like to write for Redacted, you must send us a pitch first. Send your pitches to one of the editors below and type the word PITCH in the subject line. If we’re interested in running your story, we’ll respond within 3 business days. It’s okay to pitch your story to other publications, but please notify us if it’s accepted elsewhere. We will not accept finished drafts.  

In your pitch, include: 

  • Estimated word-count 
  • If your article will be a Radical Idea, an article, or an investigation 
  • A two-sentence elevator pitch describing your story 
  • Why your story is newsworthy/important  
  • Why you’re the person to write the story 
  • Which vertical your story will fall under (sports, arts/culture, health/science, etc.) 
  • If applicable, who you will interview  
  • A reasonable publication timeline 

A note on our writing style: 

Because Redacted seeks to provide widespread access to information, we ask that our contributors maintain a conversational writing tone. Try to stray from obscure words and long, complex sentences. If you reference a difficult or little-known concept, explain it. If you’re writing a reported piece, interview a variety of sources with different biases.  

We are a volunteer-run publication and cannot pay writers at this time.  

Editors to pitch to: